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London Prostitutes



London Prostitutes

- How many London Prostitutes are there in the UK? According to the Office of National Statistics the answer is 60,879. In figures due to be released next week this number is being used to add £5.314bn to the official size of the UK economy. But the ONS only attempted to measure the number of female prostitutes. If male prostitutes are included in the count then the contribution that prostitution makes to the UK economy rises to £8.856bn.

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Two women were found in a semi-detached house two doors away from a church in Harrow, north west London, while another four were caught in a flat above a charity shop near Rayners Lane Tube station.
'Crystal', 26 and a mother-of-three, was caught having sex with a client when police arrived at the first property.Speaking to the Daily Express, she said: 'I left Romania because it is very bad and here I can earn good money - sometimes £2,000 a week.'I do it for a better life for me and my children. When I am with a customer the only thing I think about is my children.'She added that she didn't want to stay in London, and was only raising enough money to move back home and start a business.In the second brothel 'Sally', 24, who has a four-year-old son, said she needs the money to survive, but tells her boyfriend she works as a cleaner because otherwise he would kill her.All the women said they had left behind abject poverty in Romania for a better life in the UK, and claimed they had looked for legitimate work but were turned down because of their race.Police closed the brothels, but only gave the women formal warning as they are all here legally and it is unlikely that any of their clients would testify against them leading to criminal charges.Officers also found a stash of illegal tobacco and alcohol worth thousands of pounds in separate raids on several corner shops.

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From the 30th of September the UK’s national accounts will attempt to measure illegal transactions to which all parties consent, including the sale of illegal drugs and prostitution. Illegal transactions are difficult to measure because the participants, while willing, are anxious that their business goes unnoticed. As a result there are very few obvious ways to directly measure illegal transactions and the ONS have been forced to rely on 10-year-old survey data in order to try and estimate the level of prostitution activity in the UK. But there is a better way of measuring the number of prostitutes than using survey data. While many of the activities associated with prostitution are illegal in the UK, paying for sex is actually legal and as a result, prostitution services are widely marketed on the web. We can use to directly count the number of prostitutes who are marketing on the web and attempt a better estimate of the number of prostitutes in the UK.


London Prostitutes

London Prostitutes

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