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The price for one hour of your escort’s time and companionship is only £99 per hour, plus a small taxi reimbursement fee, depending how far are you located. In most cases, the total price (no hidden fees) will sum up to a total of £120 for the first hour, and – good news – the price gets cheaper with every next hour, because logically if you decide to keep a girl for two hours, you will not need to pay a travel cost for the second hour of her time spent with you. So it’s always a smarter investment to book for two or more hours. We can also offer you a good discount price when you are with a group of friends and you need to book more than just 1 girl, when, depending on the current situation, we can put a few escorts in one taxi and this way you can save money further. Payment in foreign currencies – we do accept pament in British Pounds, Euro and Dollars, but we ask you to notify us beforehand over the phone that you will want to make your payment in EUR or USD, so we can prepare the girl, or offer you some change, and your booking can go smooth with no surprises. We can also accept card or PayPal payments, or our safe and trusted driver can take you along with the girl to the nearest ATM cash withdrawal machine. Please note that your payment must be made on arrival, within first 5 minutes of the girl’s appearance at your doorstep. This way she can relax knowing that the financial side of your meeting is sorted, and forgetting the business, she can focus entirely on your pure pleasure and enjoyment.

Cancellation and Change of plans:

If the situation forces you to change your plans and cancel the booking, you can do so free of charge by informing the office over the phone as soon as possible (phone calls only, no text messaging please), within first 10 minutes from the moment that you have made the initial booking. If, however, the girl makes her way towards your apartment or hotel, and you decide to abandon the booking because of any reason or factor, you will need to cover her petrol and time reimbursement by paying a cancellation fee of 60 pounds to cover all taxi and administration fees interrelated.

£99 for 1 hour (+ £21 transport)

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