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Haringey Escorts

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Haringey Escorts

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The London Borough of Haringey Escorts is responsible for an area in North London

The area of the Borough of Haringey exceeds 11 square miles and it is populated by 255000 people. The centre of the borough is located in Wood Green.The names of Haringey as well as that of Harringay and Hornsey all come from the Old English name of Haeringes-hege – named after a Saxon chief, Haering. The direct translation means “Haering’s enclosure”.Before the Roman rule in Britain the area of contemporary Haringey was inhabited by the Trinobantes Celtic tribe. The Romans have left here the road that is today known as Tottenham High Road, which was a part of the larger Ermine Street. Some findings also suggest Roman settlement in this area.Until the 18th century most of Haringey remained rural. It was only then that large country houses were built here. After the coming of the railway a quick urbanisation followed. By early 1900s most of the rural character of Haringey was gone.Among the most familiar landmarks of Haringey are The Jacksons Line, the Bruce Castle, Highpoint I, Highpoint II and the Alexandra Palace. Also within the borders of Haringey is the home stadium of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club.

Haringey Escorts

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