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Cheap Notting Hill Escorts

Notting Hill Escorts is a district in west London largely located within the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea, and extending into the western fringe of the City of Westminster. The Edward Woods Estate, on the southwestern edge of the district, is located within the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham and is more closely associated with neighbouring Shepherds Bush rather than Notting Hill due to its location. Notting Hill is known for being a cosmopolitan neighbourhood, hosting the annual Notting Hill Carnival and being home to the Portobello Road Market

Cheap Notting Hill Escorts

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The origin of the name Notting Hill Escorts is uncertain though an early version appears in the Patent Rolls of 1356 as Knottynghull,while an 1878 text, Old and New London, reports that the name derives from a manor in Kensington called "Knotting-Bernes,", "Knutting-Barnes," or "Nutting-barns", and goes on to quote from a court record during Henry VIII's reign that "the manor called Notingbarons, alias Kensington, in the parish of Paddington, was held of the Abbot of Westminster." For years, it was thought to be a link with Canute, but it is now thought likely that the "Nott" section of the name is derived from the Saxon personal name Cnotta,with the "ing" part generally accepted as coming from the Saxon for a group or settlement of people

Cheap Notting Hill Escorts

The original idea was to call the district Cheap Notting Hill Escorts

Cheap Notting Hill Escorts Carnival is an annual event in August, over two days (Sunday and the following bank holiday). It has continuously taken place since 1965.It is led by members of the Caribbean population, many of whom have lived in the area since the 1950s. The carnival has attracted up to 1.5 million people in the past, putting it among the largest street festivals in Europe.It attracted press attention in 1976 for clashes with the police, which occurred in 1976 at the conclusion of the Notting Hill Carnival after police arrested a pickpocket and a group of black youths came to his defence. The disturbance escalated and over 100 police officers were injured.Two notable participants in this riot were Joe Strummer and Paul Simonon, who later formed the seminal London punk band The Clash. Their song "White Riot" was inspired by their participation in this event.Further incidents continued for a few years, but receded for several decades, until 2008 when approximately 500 youths clashed with police on the Monday.

Cheap Notting Hill Escorts

Cheap Notting Hill Escorts

The hill from which Notting Hill takes its name is still clearly visible, with its summit in the middle of Ladbroke Grove, at the junction with Kensington Park Gardens.Notting Hill has no official boundaries, so definitions of which areas fall under Notting Hill vary. The postcode "W11", centred on the Post Office in Westbourne Grove, near the junction with Denbigh Road, is the one most closely associated with Notting Hill, although the postcode immediately to the north, "W10", covers that part of North Kensington which would fall within a broader definition. The local historian Florence Gladstone, in her much reprinted work "Notting Hill in Bygone Days" defines Notting Hill as the whole of that part of Kensington which is north of the road known as Notting Hill Gate.

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