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Cheap London escorts - a kiss makes the cheap escort London lovers closer to each other, get to know each. At the beginning of the relationship couples want to kiss all the time and everywhere. Then the "frenzy" usually passes, but the spell is broken do not kiss and most intimate close-ups is very beautiful and important part. Kiss triggers a desire, excites and fascinates (cheap London escorts). It is exciting, confirms the proximity of the cheap London escort lovers. You can not forget about it. When a relationship is already very mature it can not be neglected. Many couples forget about this fascinating experience, and yet it is very important, just as in the beginning, and in the later stages of a relationship. Makes cheap escorts London loving people think only of themselves, are close to each other. Besides this, a kiss is such a form of caresses, which does not require solitude, great focus is not intimate zoom. At the same time it is a beautiful London escorts agency experience! For many cheapest London escorts women, it is necessary to achieve the excitement, there is an incentive to further caresses, or London escorts sex, is a necessary part of foreplay. Kiss reminiscent of both escorts in London partners feeling that unites them. Can be romantic, sensual, crazy. Kisses on the forehead, neck, neck are extremely pleasant, and often these innocent caresses transformed into a more passionate. However, these delicate touch of the lips on the lips, forehead are beautiful and innocent. It can be safely performed in the street, wherever they would be more erotic "out of place". Kisses on the forehead are the incredible magic in itself, evidence of commitment, protectiveness. When a man in this way kissing a best cheapest london escorts woman, she feels safe in his arms. The more passionate make cheapest London escorts partners forget about their world. They are very intimate and sensual. First, soft and slightly restrained, then becoming more and more rampant and exited. Kamasutra presents various London escorts services kisses technics, from the most delicate, and these crazy and deeply erotic. Delicate touch of the lips cheap escort London partner mouth, touching their language, it will make you forget about the whole London escorts agencies world! Kisses can turn into a wild and passionate, make cheap London escorts partners feel as if they were one, that feeling can not be compared with anything else. Also during the approximation kisses enhance erotic sensation, thanks to the cheapest London escort lovers feel that beyond them there is nothing. Kisses are a promise to do more, while themselves are already great experience. A kiss is a magical moment, expresses the mutual escort London desire and love - cheap escort London .


Cheap escorts London - in terms of bodily, physical are perfectly matched to each other. You're concave where I have some ridges and vice versa. Probably a CHEAP ESCORTS LONDON truism. Did you notice it centuries ago. However, while our physical fit seems so full, yours and mine are completely different behavior. Cheap escorts London women's moods and reactions in the bed (if you can lure me there after many complicated procedures) are for you often unpredictable and incomprehensible. You have been lost in them, and so would like to please yourself and me! Your satisfaction is complete, when you know that I was with you right. So if you want to hear that you are "good in bed", listen to some good advice. I'll tell you my secret or more than one. Sex is as important to me as to you, but it is not an end in itself. Therefore, I do not propose to go to bed as soon as I know. Sometimes it may indeed impress me (oh attracted to him, wow, I'm super sexy teen London escorts!), However, usually end up on this reflection. Before you decide to have sex with you, I need to create a psychic bond. Now the sad news for you: I fail to do so within fifteen minutes! Sometimes I need a few days, sometimes months. It all depends on your activity in capturing me and how fast can you give me a sense of security. Your initial difficulties in achieving the result from the fact that I am focusing more on the emotional side of the relationship. You think a more important physical contact. Even if months of treatment for me, is one thing, thanks to which patiently enduring all my whims. The imagination can see already-colored fireworks, and at the end of a winding road shines a big neon: cheap escorts London SEX. You do not have to involve feelings, to desire my body. I mostly do. The need for physical contact occurs at you suddenly, when stimulated, and when satisfied, take care of what is usually: gaining world. I generally more than I want your spirit body. I'm curious to you, get to know you, I am glad your presence. You begin to fascinate me. I listen to thy reflection, I admire you. I like you physically. Finally, fall in love with you, live life without you, and I can not go to bed with you. I do not want to have cheap escorts London sex with you even though I was very attracted to me and just want you. Desire for cheap escorts London sex is largely dependent on my mood for. It does not work as simple as with you. You simply see my tanned legs in a miniskirt or intrigue you a little too deep neckline, and you're ready for sexual action. And I can have a million reasons why cheap escorts London sex with you is not just my head. Can I be worried (eg. Failed to work), tired (because I was on large purchases), or in a bad mood because of the rain. I can be totally frustrated, because in the morning I saw the first small wrinkle on your face or I could not even comb. Or not, "I thrust my" in the shop in the insanely cool piece of clothing in my normal size (say that I gained. Horror!). I just feel unattractive. I can be in a disadvantageous time of the menstrual cycle, which causes just my usually follows and irritability. Finally, I have some hidden objection to your case: for example be. Quarreling with you, your behavior, etc. disappointed. It's all at once and severally makes at the moment my thoughts go one hundred miles of light from the bed and what we both do it . Funny? maybe. But these are a million reasons can disappear in a second. Just a moment of your caresses, I forgot about their frustrations and hostile world outside the window of our bedroom. The fact that I do not have the mood to go to bed does not mean that you are at a disadvantage. You should always try. The more accurately you try to convince me, that your success will be more reliable. Note. do not be discouraged after the first failed attempt. Try a little, it will give me the feeling that depend on our physical proximity. But do not be pushy. I could be with you a little tease. Can I say that? .. I do not, although I no longer sings soul ..yes. Yes. yes. "I do not understand why something tells me the time to act, even in spite of myself. Or I have at this point not know if I want to have cheap escorts London sex with you. It all depends on your determination, courage and gentleness as I said. Know that kisses is the gateway to my body. After the kiss I recognize what you are in bed. I'll find out if you are feeling and what you can do. Your lips will nibble, graze, bite my lips and skin. Your lips can gently blow and breathe. You have no idea how to turn me on your rapid breathing, but beware: loud wheezing and grunting in one second can make me freeze. The quiet murmurs are, however, absolutely sexy. You can doff my eyelashes and nose. A kiss on the lips is the king of kisses, the most intimate and the most beautiful of caresses, but not avoid, and other areas of my body. The body of a cheap escorts London woman, properly stimulated can all turn into a real minefield. Wherever you will step, waiting for the explosion of pleasure. It is difficult to find a place where it would be inadvisable kissing. That's exactly what I'll tell you about the touch. Do you know what a great role in this theater can play your hands. They also caress me, stroke, skim, lightly pinch, massage. In the end, they undressing me! They are impatient when you break up with my clothes, or sensitive to pain when gently slide down the straps of my bra or panties hips. Your hands intertwined with my hands. Touch my breasts, play with nipples. But that is not enough. Did you know that the sense of hearing is to me in bed as important as touch, taste or smell? Tell me how beautiful I am, how much you want me, you love, you need. What I am exciting and attractive. It is important for me because I often ashamed to various imperfections of my teen London escort body. Folds on the stomach, cellulite, for small breasts, unwanted hair. You can on them do not pay attention, but I still do not know that. It is therefore not always like making love in the full light. If I knew that you accept my body, let you do much. I'll let you see exactly even without make-up ... In time I venture into something special: I'll make you a striptease. bathe with you in the shower. Tenderly spoken words you captivate me more than even kiss. Know that nothing is so unpleasant to me as your verbal restraint in bed. If you remain silent, even caress me! Each of your "bed" action should be supported by words. Repeat it often my name or nickname known only to us.

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Cheap London escorts - when I passed the first infatuation love a little imagination can enhance a relationship. The joy that can be derived from the ingenious game of love causes some CHEAP LONDON ESCORTS people are willing to agree to a variety of changes. Sensitive and mature partners know that such innovations would not negatively affect their love. Cheap London escorts partners who are together for several months or years usually know very well and their sexual relationship becomes routine, which usually does not bother them. Unfortunately, most couples ask themselves much trouble to change something when the first expires enthusiasm. The reason for this is to bring partners to each other's needs. Some couples love each other regularly, while others are waiting for a specific message - the insertion of a specific type of clothing or a way of kissing goodnight. Too often this routine leads to the fact that sex is missing surprises, nothing in it does not change, and cheap London escorts partners get bored. After a short period of knowledge, many couples do not experimenting in your cheap London escorts sex life. After some time, the majority of people are rising belief (often subconscious) that if there was a marriage, you do not have to try to be original and partner just has to accept that. It is seen as a lot of cheap London escorts people who are in a marriage, writes in discussion forums, blogs, etc., Complaining that their cheap London escorts sex life, I used to be very successful, and now has become boring. One of the spouses is often thought that I come to know the capabilities and desires of a cheap London escorts partner, usually does not seek to change, it becomes a little demanding recipient himself also little. Often, these symptoms occur in both. Very soon, this leads to the search for sexual experiences outside the compound, and then the situation worsens. Many of us fall into sexual rut because of concerns that our proposals will not be accepted varieties cheap London escorts partner. Suggesting something perverse or strange sounds can be a reason for the rejection, and even ridicule. Some couples admit to concerns that could propose something extraordinary partner away from them for a while - and thus deprive sexual experience at all. The problem is to change this situation without causing havoc in a relationship, dispel boredom and not destroy what is good. Most of us corresponds to the ability to predict a romantic relationship, partly because it is convenient, in part, that does not require extra effort - we have quite intensive activities in other areas of life in a world of constant struggle and change. Experimentation can not respond to many people, as it brings anxiety in this sphere of life in which they felt safe and secure. Changing habits can add luster to the sensual life, stolen moments will be delightful. Spontaneous love make sure you're still attractive for themselves and not feel the excitement only at a certain time. Undoubtedly, open and honest conversations about cheap London escorts sex that have not taken place, have a positive effect on the feelings and experiences of both partners. Imagination can work wonders. Making love in the bathroom instead of the bedroom can break the monotony of the current sex life, playful variant of position 69 is a very sensual caress - feet tend to be extremely sensitive. In this context, the imagination does not mean sexual fantasies, but the desire to transform the surrounding reality for the better. While fantasy is aware of it or not the ability to create exciting images of sexual content. Some people are obviously more inventive than others, which has its own advantages and disadvantages. Meet people positive role imaginative, inexhaustible in ideas that incorporate them into practice for the benefit of home, family, sex or work. It is good to a point, but it can become destructive if gets out of control. Fantasy and imagination must have some boundaries, if to be used in real life. Intercourse with a person of high imagination can be both a pleasure and anguish, if only because when others are happy, it seems to be still not met in their endeavors. This is less important in other areas of life, because it needs can be met in a different way - perhaps outside the home, outside the compound but in the case of sex we usually can meet the needs of only a steady partner. We assume that true love, so sexual and emotional will last forever. But unfortunately it usually remains a dream, and only some of us create successful relationships where love lasts a lifetime. Thanks to the ingenuity of each pair of sex can improve your sex life. Courage! Frequently couples make love in the bedroom - just before falling asleep. Studies have shown that the most popular season is tenth in the evening. However, a lot of couples practicing love in the living room, bathroom or shower at any time of the day. Public spaces are and have always been a great attraction for creative couples. The risks involved or even catch podpatrzenia give you a thrill. It goes without saying that you must be careful not to offend cheapest London escorts people, but love your car in the parking lot or under the stars on the beach can be an exciting variety. For most of the sexual life cheap escort London lovers focus on causing each other as the greatest of pleasure, but from time to time a sudden primitive lust takes over and then the cheap London escorts partners want to make love to fast - without sophisticated tricks... Making love in the car has serious flaws, as long as both are not very small, or the car is not big enough. If you let too much imagination, you may end up back pain and neck at best, and at the strained muscle contraction and in the worst. Do not allow yourself to caress while driving. Some men love oral sex, but it is extremely dangerous, because the degree of concentration is very low. On vacation, people are looking for adventure - feel relaxed and in a greater or lesser degree, getting rid of their inhibitions. Some women experience orgasm only on vacation - because they know that the children do not hear. Others almost completely change when they find themselves in a new environment, where they are unknown. Therefore, it has successfully developed a holiday romance. It seems that time stands still and you can be someone else, even for two weeks. Even those remaining in successful relationships have the holiday romances behind - no need to be alone, to be lived. Sports competition requires practicing arouse in them a sense of elation pairs and satisfaction, regardless of victory or defeat. After a relaxing shower, when the atmosphere is favorable, what would be a better end to the day of lovemaking? Ingenious mystery lies in the spontaneity of sex. Some couples are never spontaneous, and many loves in a predetermined regular pattern, even on the same days of the week - which correspond to the way of life - predictable, routinized, deliberate. People are more flexible it seems absurd. However, there are a couple, for whom rapid and short ratio is extremely exciting. Some women climax only when such passionate close-ups. They feel very welcome and they think that a man desiring them can not help what flatters a cheap London escorts woman's pride. Spontaneous sex can be very enjoyable and for your cheap London escorts partner, especially when it is difficult in normal situations quickly stimulate the cheap London escorts woman. Part guys (though he admits to not) is weary increasing requirements of modern cheap London escorts women and longs for the days when they were (or seemed to be) satisfied with the fast close-ups. Early morning is suitable for spontaneous and uninhibited sex, assuming that the other person is not without reluctance sleepyhead and adopt a cheap London escorts partner in his arms. Be cautious! This may sound mundane, but you have to be prepared to close the spur of the moment. Although the game is not as carefree, but unwanted child, it is not fun. Contraception is a necessity - the most promising moments are doomed to failure if not secured. Wear a condom with you, if you suspect that there may be spontaneous sex, and the cheap London escorts woman does not apply pills, patches or rings. If you are already "Protections" partner should think about clothes: unsubscribe underwear or tights dress with open inserts and things that are easy to remove. Annoying number of small nubs or several layers of clothes can be fun in theory, but in hot moments are the only obstacle. T-shirts that can be downloaded, zipped front bra, garters and stockings, not tights - these are just a few suggestions that "Tiggers like best." When you plan to spice up your sex life, avoid the use of all ideas right away. While we agree that the same need for variety, do use of their creativity gradually. Do not want to lose if your new intentions will prove very happy - you have many days ahead to experiment.

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Cheap escort London - find out if your relationship is anything to go on happily ever after. If you discover that your love does not promise the best, better read this article. Do you think that the secret of a successful relationship lies in the heart and the love flowing from it? It turns out that all these butterflies in my stomach and waves of bliss that flood would love you to view-tion, have their origin in the brain. In the course of evolution in the cheap escort London human brain developed three different chemical systems, in turn responsible for the sexual, romantic longing and attachment. Thanks to them, you can find the right CHEAP ESCORT LONDON partner for you and ZBU-dować emotional bond with her. To create a happy relationship and love truly, after-action requires all the components of love: lust-ing, tenderness and affection, while the two first-level senior often decreases the duration of the relationship. But I have good news for you: there are ways to bring back the excitement that followed the onset of romance. Hint you how you can fuel the fire of desire and enhance connecting you and your cheap escort London woman relationship. Sure - mutual understanding, common interests, doing fun things together - that's all that counts, but a lot less than the sex. Especially in the beginning. Well, thank for your hormones. The excitement and fun of having a new sexual cheap escort London partner makes the levels of dopamine and norepinephrine in the body reaches a peak. Body and brain go wild under the influence of new stimuli. Although these unbridled carnal desires have a rather short life, physical attraction is the foundation of a healthy relationship. There are couples in love, in which mutual desire naturally lasts for a long time, but most people have to specifically try to keep the boiling point in the bedroom. Sexual attraction to be nurtured - if you disappear, you will for himself, rather the best of friends, and not attractive and appealing cheap escort London partners. However, you can re-awaken in yourself and your female desire: to trick the mind and treat him exciting hormonal cocktail from the early romance, try to be more spontaneous and unpredictable in bed. Any kind of excitement - even the danger increases dopamine levels in the brain and increases the production of testosterone, which turns up the cheap escort London sex drive. This does not mean that you have to love, hanging from the balcony of the ten-building. But you can try out the new spicy items or spend the night with his cheap escort London woman in a different place than usual, eg. In the hotel. Change of place and new surroundings make sex again be an adventure, just like the first time. Other libido booster for: plan a play, which will allow you time to go beyond your standard cheap escort Londonsex. Just experiment a. Such sensory games and create an atmosphere of erotic anticipation, and this is very exciting. Thanks nothing but sex is more "explosive", but also increases your desire. If so once in a while you'll be introduced to the bedroom a touch of spicy news, for sure you will continue to have a taste for sex and each other. Along with bewilderment appears erotic romance - which is also a powerful experience. You get the feeling that the world there is no one and nothing else, just your sweetheart with a biological point of view, in your body takes almost a chemical imbalance. Increases levels of dopamine and other natural stimulants. As a result, you lose your appetite and trouble sleeping are you - are you excited. However, after a few months, the longest after year, hormonal wave of pink clouds and falls in love coming back to earth, cease to miss her like crazy, and the beloved is not as wonderful as ever. But instead of worrying that this is the end of love gusts, refresh them together again and start to walk out on dates. During courtship imagine as attractive to spend time together, goes together on weekends and odkrywaliście new bars. This all meant that the organisms grow your level of endorphins, hormones of well-being, and your relationship was exciting. You're not sure where to start? Date that once a week you are going on a date tonight and you're doing something you eager of you have not yet tried. Whether it will be a dinner at a Chinese restaurant or visit eg. In the sauna or in the living room of computer games. I do not wait for the anniversary to do something special. At least once a month, go for a romantic dinner, and after a date together take a relaxing bath. Later, you can ensure that the temperature in the bedroom too not fall. Over time, the initial buzz wears off, and feelings come to the fore appropriate to the true attachment - then begins do lasting bond between you. Your brain produces oxytocin and endorphins that make you feel when your loved one calm and relaxed. So stoked the feeling that you are creating unity and their little world and talk to each other - communication is the key to strengthen ties. This does not mean that you sit your cheap escort London partner relationship with the whole day, or to force her to discussion of feelings for you. The idea is to let you know what your cheap escort London partner thinks and feels. However, no hand is not enough to talk and no action. More likely to have a lasting relationship partners who play together. Top create your own catalog of things yourself that you can do together with your cheap escort london woman. You can also enable a cheap escort London partner to the activities that are important to each of you individually. For example, if she is a strong supporter of jogging, go for a run with it, and if you like soccer encourage her to accompany you in your hobby. To open the front of his private life cheap escort London partner. Affectionate gestures but without sexual overtones also be useful. Holding hands, hugging help maintain adequate levels of oxytocin, a hormone that is responsible for the sense of relationship with your cheap escort London partner. And when you rise between this strong partner relationship coupled with a hot sex life and a dose of romance, then you will have all three components of love magic potion which has so far been discovered.


Cheap London escort - love is present in the life of every human being. No matter the age, place or time. Each meets the feeling in various forms. We are dealing with parental love, friendly, brotherly and sisterly or one that connects cheap London escort people in couples. Some even say that love is the greatest sense of existence, preferring that feeling over all other values ​​in life. Hardly ever wonder what it is to love as means to us and what our position in the hierarchy of values ​​is. Perfect recipe for love unfortunately does not exist. Just as there is no ready-made recipe for happiness. Love is not just a feeling, as some cheap London escort people think. Love is hard work. One must be able to adapt. You have to be able to give up. Love is difficult, but also beautiful. Therefore worth and work and toil. Love is opening up to others, is happiness, is the look of the soul, is giving, it's a miracle, a sea of ​​emotions. Sometimes we are not aware of its size, we do not know that "Love is the medicine that makes everyday miracles." We all need a close relationship with another man. In partnership, relationship take off the mask, we can be ourselves, to express our desires, do not pretend anything. The second man is our mainstay in life that is constantly changing. Shared with him the joy become larger, care less. Get support from a partner, counsel, defense. However, this is only one, the brighter side of the coin. There is also this dark side - a complete unveiling in front of other people podatniejszym makes us vulnerable, raises fear of ridicule and rejection. Also makes us in some way - and as a result can lead to a feeling of loss of control over their own lives, their own perdition I, abandoning parts of desires and dreams, responsibility not only for their problems and concerns, but also for the other cheap London escorts person to worry about. Yes, love is a feeling, where the lucky partner shall be submitted on their own, which is not good for each other have to repay - the same value, where there is no market classical calculation of profits and losses, but, but the expectation of reciprocity exists, even if unconscious. Loving yet assume that the object of our feelings reciprocated what we feel to it, so that it also depends on that for us to be a good and caring. Violation of the unwritten rules of reciprocity awakens a sense of hurt, anger, causes depression, withdrawal and, consequently, can lead to the breakdown of a relationship. It seems that these relationships, in which one can speak of a fair exchange of goods, are more likely to durability and are less prone to the risk of conflict and disintegration. It should be realized that a compound in which only one of the parties involved is really only one still all out giving without expecting anything in return, and the other party only draw - it might be good, but only in the short term. He will not be able to survive the test of time, precisely because of those encoded in us subconsciously expectation of reciprocity and the principle of justice. Of course, like every rule so there are exceptions to this, it is explained by the fact that the imbalance in the exchange of goods is unpleasant for both the CHEAP LONDON ESCORTS partner used (the sense of dissatisfaction, injury) and using (guilt, fear of retaliation). However, if the first calls for redress, and it does not occur in the righteousness of faith is so strong that it is willing to believe that it receives what he deserves. Cheap London escorts partner detract from its value and remains in the unjust relationship, the other person strengthens him in this belief. However, in most cases, has a rather place the reference to the elementary principles of social behavior: "The more a man is bad for failure to comply with the principle of distributive justice, the more likely that it will reveal the emotional behavior that we call anger." This is called. assertion of frustration - aggression, from which the impact is only one step to the conflict in the relationship. Dissatisfaction and anger of one of the parties may call boomerang effect - in this case the unbalance distribution must be restored through negotiations, otherwise it may cause the disintegration of the union - cheap London escorts.

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Cheapest London escorts - this relationship takes two cheapest London escorts people being together and mutual belonging, while maintaining their own individuality and identity. Need two people being together, can be considered as the beginning of everything - before someone will love her want to spend a lot of time. This may be the first sign of love. You begin to envy, when the other CHEAPEST LONDON ESCORTS person does not pay much attention to you if you wished. Then try to control your feelings of jealousy, be patient. It is a time of particular sensitivity. Constant fear that the other cheapest London escorts person will lose interest in you. Once you're with someone and you love him - you spend a lot of time with him but here I suggest listening to good advice - do not close on the other. The worst situation is when two cheapest London escorts people are isolated from others - just spend time with each other. Over time, this approach leads to boredom and limitations topics. Being in a relationship should be so have time to have it, and for a friend and the friend and the package for all your cheapest London escorts friends and other people important to you. Then the man feels fulfilled. I would venture say that a man can be happy when he not only loves and is loved, but when you also have a cheapest London escorts friend who can cry on the shoulder and a pack of friends you can come out eg. A beer. The worst situation is "burning bridges behind" where love being in a relationship breaks off all contact with your cheapest London escorts friends. Sooner or later he will be lonely in a relationship because you will not have anyone else apart from this one person. In addition, when the relationship falls apart - it will remain all alone. Besides being non-stop only the two of them leads to boredom and monotony, lack the subjects, because it is difficult to talk about something that happened, if everything is experienced together. Never forget about your own self! Relationship does not mean that you cease to be yourself - do not give up on their views and tastes. Do not give up on sports or other favorite activities. Of course you can not do everything, but due to be compromises and mutually get along. It would be worth once in a while at least a day of rest each other let the cheapest London escorts girl will meet with friends. Breaks longer or shorter give a new breath to the compound, refresh it, and do not allow the subject to monotony - cheapest London escorts.


Cheapest London escort - wondering when it is no longer ordinary erode the other cheapest London escort person, and begins to fall in love. First, ask yourself what is love, what is the state of being in love, and then check how it is in your case. Maybe you're in love, but do not see it. Love is when you can not stop thinking about the CHEAPEST LONDON ESCORT person, when it is present in each of your mind, even if it is not when you want her closeness, her presence, as much as you want to be with that cheapest London escort person. Well her feel nice talking to you and you feel great together. Love is when you laugh when you are together, when one of you is sad or in a temporary hole, the other person is trying to comfort her. How can you know the love that a cheapest London escort person has feelings for the other. Maybe I think, but the little things, the little things that previously did not see. See at home if you have such details, does not necessarily have to be madly in love, just tiny feeling that shows that you care about yourself, look for such deatails now that you know what to look for. Of course, there are also couples who live without feeling, without love because they either burned out between them, or not as you have clicked and went out feeling feverish not belong. So they are with each other for many reasons (habit, sex, because I do not like loneliness and the other does not want them to look). There are many such couples who just did not work out well, they want to be together (and with each other), but there is no love. So before you say anything among you, no, that has not crush and you want that to happen, check if this is the case. The very fact depend on the cheapest London escort person proves yet have a possession in love.

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Cheap London escorts - female orgasm: a guide for guys

Did she have an orgasm? How to recognize it? How much does it take? It's clear that you want to give her pleasure, but remember that she climaxes bit differently than we do, guys. Fantastic finish in cheap London escorts sex is usually the result of a perfect mastery of the steps leading to it.

Cheap London escorts - What do women feel?

The experience of orgasm can be described only subjectively. From the relationship between men and cheap London escorts women, we can conclude that, although it is more difficult for cheap London escorts women to achieve orgasm, their experiences are more diverse than for men. It all depends on the time, place, mood, and how to stimulate your partner. And even with the same partner these experiences may vary. Women can also take pride in the possibility of achieving multiple orgasms, which is supposedly a man's world involving only a very trained yogis. Record holder, the result has been scientifically documented, surprised the world sexologists przeżywanymi up to 50 orgasms one after another.

Cheap London escorts - Vaginal orgasm.

Vaginal walls are richly innervated, because 25-30% of cheap London escorts women can orgasm without additional clitoral stimulation. Vaginal orgasm is felt as calm waves flowing through the body.

Cheap London escorts - Clitoral orgasm.

Some cheap London escorts women find clitoral orgasm for worse, thinking it must be the right one vaginal. Nothing like - there is no distinction between right and wrong orgasms. Clitoral orgasm is just different, and that's all. And in addition intense. Many studies (involving electronic recording equipment) that clitoral stimulation results in a considerable variety and intensity of sensations during orgasm.

Cheap London escorts - Orgasm during oral sex.

In studies unanimously declare that both cheap London escorts sexes - orgasm while the French love is different than during intercourse. Longer, more intense, and enhances the experience even aware that the other person is focused exclusively on causing us pleasure.

Cheap London escorts - Orgasm during masturbation.

While there are cheap London escorts women who have trouble reaching orgasm during intercourse, it is those very few that are not found that the quickest way to bliss is masturbation. Orgasm is usually less intense and more like discharge voltage. But if you want to know how to pamper your partner, ask her to showed you how she likes to be touched.

Cheap London escorts - Multiple orgasm.

30% of cheap London escorts women can do, and that's because female arousal increases slower and slower falls, so if it does not cease to gentle caresses orgasm during oral sex partner and continue clitoral stimulation, relaxation phase also delay the arrival and you have a chance to see for yourself multiple orgasms female partner . She will not forget you.

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Cheap escort London - How to increase the chance of orgasm in a woman?

It would seem that science has already examined everything, but it's not true. We continue to orgasm hides a lot of cheap escort London secrets. And well. Because it is totally subjective and totally ecstatic experience and nudziarzom scientists nothing to it.

Cheap escort London - Bust

Excitement increases its volume by 25% of the existence of these two points on a map of her body does not need to remind anyone. The whole trick is to learn a bit. "It is a paradox that excitement occurs, the sooner you come to the slower" - says Petra Boynton, a sexologist at University College in London. The most sensitive is the outer side of the chest - from the armpits down to warts. Gently take them with his hands, caressing the lower and outer part of the breast. As the excitement grows, you can try to step caresses - sucking, biting, stroking and squeezing. Breast skin is full of nerve endings, which accelerates the production of oxytocin stimulation - a hormone that is an important component of a cocktail of cheap escort London sex.

Cheap escort London - Rear

Designed to look like a spanking ... but you better not start from that knowledge. There are cheap escort London women who do not tolerate or believe that such gestures require a significant degree of confidence. On the other hand, the buttocks are extremely sensitive place and fondling them can be as exciting for you as well as for her. Massaging spiral movements, patting, pinching, biting, and even light spanking enhance the blood circulation in the pelvic area and stimulate blood circulation in the genitals. We can not forget that the point P is adjacent to A - like anus. Make sure your partner does not mind, and start with moistened fingers gently massage around her anus. "It's extremely innervated place - says sexologist Paula Hall. - The best way to persuade a partner to cheap escort London anal sex is the gradual association of stimuli, ie anal stimulation while you caress her clitoris at the same time."

Cheap escort London - Mouth

So why do cheap escort London women paint them red. "Orgasm does not have to be linked to touching and teasing genital" - says Tracey Cox, author of the bestseller "Hot Sex, ie sex without taboos". They can call it caresses the other parts of the body. For example mouth. Lips, tongue, inside of the mouth is one of the most innervated parts of the body. Studies indicate that stimulation of nerve endings within her mouth has immediate impact on the genital area. Do not make the mistake a lot of guys and do not take the kiss as necessary. cheap escort London women expect to be kissed, not only during foreplay, but also during and after intercourse. But here also working principle - softer is better. Do not pack her wet tongue into the mouth. cheap escort London women prefer kisses rather dry. At the beginning of his mouth comes full circle around her mouth, gently tip of the tongue caress her lips, kissing sex should be like playing tag rather than washing machine.

Cheap escort London - Point G

Another gift from nature. In 1944, at about the time when the US constructed the first atomic bomb, the physician Ernst Grafenberg in Germany announced to the world that he had found a point on the front wall of the vagina, which guarantees a stimulating experience orgasm. It shows how scientists seemed epochal discovery. The world is falling apart around, and they seriously analyze women's sexuality issues. Since then, many times it was denied, it was confirmed the existence of this point. The current state of knowledge is as follows: the G-spot is an area the size of 20 cents, which you can find by inserting cheap escort London partner supine index finger into the vagina and flexing it slightly motion, as if someone was calling. If you feel a small bead, you can begin to tease, making small circles. G-spot orgasm is different from clitoris intensity and often ends with a cheap escort London female "ejaculation".

Cheap escort London - Clitoris

Proof that cheap escort London pleasure is OK. As Dr. Amy Cooper writes in his book "orgasm. Free yourself and expand your sexuality", the clitoris is the greatest treasure of cheap escort London women's sexuality. Since the excitation of orgasm is its only function, some believe that it is a simple proof that humans were created to experience sexual pleasure. The clitoris is the body much more complex than you think. Is formed from the same type of tissue as the penis, which is why many of its parts have their male counterparts - is made up of the foreskin, the glans, shaft, and the tips of the branches of the vestibule. The core of the clitoris has a length of approx. 2.5-5 cm and a width of approx. 1.5 cm. Contains spongy corpora cavernosa, filling with blood during arousal. The most surprising are the legs: the stem base of the clitoris and so separates into two parts a length of 5-10 cm, which also are composed of the corpora cavernosa. In general, the clitoris is larger than the penis.

Cheap escort London - Feet

Marsellus Wallace of "Pulp Fiction" had a nose that had discarded from the balcony of the third floor of a man who dared to do foot massage to his wife Mia. Experienced specialists acupressure ensure that well-made foot massage not only relaxes perfectly, but with unlocking the energy flow in the body can cause a person to delight boxed. For more than 4,000 years, Chinese doctors are confident that our feet are the receptors associated with each organ in the body. How to make your partner a foot massage? Rub olive hands, place your thumbs on the soles of her feet. Cheap escort London massage gently, gradually increasing the pressure on the entire sole of the foot and toes. Also massage places around the ankles and between the fingers. Follow mate - if it begins to breathe more deeply, it means that you are on the right track. By the way - the place responsible for the sex glands are located in the central part of the heel.

Cheap escort London - Knees

It wouldnt be there, right? Experiments carried out by the Komisaruka B. and C. Beyer Flores, the authors of the book "Th e Science of Orgasm" demonstrated that stimulation of the female electrical pulse weak knee causes involuntary contractions of the reaction leading to cheap escort London vaginal orgasm. Do not hesitate to connect to the power of your partner, but you can try to repeat the trick with a vibrator. Touch it gently her knees, gently slide it under the knee, and then along the inside of the thighs. You do not have at hand a vibrator? Your hands can go ahead and replace it. Tracy Cox advises couples to remember the point K also in seemingly non-sexual situations. For example, when you sit in a restaurant or at the cinema. Gentle hand touched her knees, sliding his fingers under the knee can become a good start foreplay you have finished with you in your home.

Cheap escort London - Sight

They also have good eyesight. The old myth has it that this guys have good eyesight. The fact is that - as the science - man looking for a cheap escort London woman, focused on her appearance and sexual attractiveness, while women run an additional centers in the brain responsible for memory, which makes a woman a man scans for its adaptation to the pattern "right partner". But on the other hand, on the basis of unconscious reactions in the brain, we know that women can experience orgasm, watching the exciting scene, and then processing them in our imagination. Without a partner, or any form of masturbation. We also know that many women are excited by watching each other during cheap escort London sex. Which means that the mirror in the bedroom this is not such a silly thing.

Cheap escort London - Your orgasm best serves her health.

We check whether the coolest moments in life are actually healthy. Although even if they were not, it would probably still doing it, only we had more remorse. Perhaps the short is the time when the seed is stored on prescription for women suffering from depression. A study conducted by researchers at the University of New York at Albany initially support the hypothesis of antidepressant properties of the compounds found in semen. On the other hand, researchers at McMaster University in Canada showed that the seed can lower blood pressure. From a scientific point of view, the seed is a rich source of zinc and calcium, which makes it good for teeth (cheap escort London).

Cheap escort London - From orgasm can become addicted.

This may sound strange, but researchers at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands studied that something's up. Orgasms cause something that functionally resembles a hangover after the drug stops working. Immediately after the experience of pleasure and euphoria begins to shift the balance of power in the chemistry of your brain. Prolactin level rises and lowers the level of dopamine. As a result, slightly lowered mood, and you are looking for something that would give you just a little like high. This is why so often we feel like a cigarette after cheap escort London sex.

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Cheap London escort - Anatomy of the female orgasm.

When you love, her body sends information about what is currently going on with her. Carefully study the each step, and you ensure her pleasure in bed, for which you repay you double. A further ensure wearing her fidelity - cheap London escort. Why?

Cheap London escort - Step 1: The excitement is coming

Squints, lowers his voice, he does permissive gestures, looks you in the eye. Her cheap London escort body begins to prepare for the upcoming big ecstasy: the brain begins to send signals to the production of certain proteins that deliver more blood to the pelvic area, the vagina becomes wet.

Cheap London escort - Step 2: It is in full swing

The part of the brain responsible for stress reactions such as fear or uncertainty, there is a feeling of blissful relaxation. Her uterus rises, which makes the cheap London escort vagina automatically extended. The clitoris swells, becomes very sensitive.

Cheap London escort - Step 3: reaction plateau

The heart rate increases, breathing becomes faster. The blood supply of the organs is already extreme, the clitoris grows and rises, as if coming out to meet up with your penis or the tongue or finger. Now count on a regular basis, not too strong brush to bring it straight to cheap London escort orgasm.

Cheap London escort - Step 4: at the edge

Her unconscious part of the brain, the most important for an cheap London escort orgasm, it begins to dictate the pace of the muscles of the uterus, causing it to slow contractions. If you happen to be in it, you can feel how tightly covers the penis sheath. When she is just around the corner, stop petting until her excitement a little fade and soon get back to work again. This is the secret of fireworks that you treat her.

Cheap London escort - Step 5: climax

Breathing becomes faster, the pupils dilate, heart rate increases up to 180 beats per minute, the nipples become hard on the face, neck and body appears so. erythema cheap London escort sex. Toes involuntarily roll up, rhythmically shrinks situated out- muscle group in one third of the vagina, closer to her mouth.

Cheap London escort - Step 6: Mute

All physiological responses return to normal. Now wants closeness and touching sensitive, with the exception of her clitoris: for some time, avoid any contact with the cheap London escort clitoris.

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Cheap London escort - Types of orgasms.

Women may envy our ability to experience cheap London escort orgasm. Related with us with ejaculation, and thus the conception and ends sooner or later everyone basically attitude. The chances of meeting a guy who has never had an cheap London escort orgasm, are practically zero, but statistics prove that each of us has in their environment with one or more friends women who never survived those 30 seconds that it comes to sex. Experts estimate that 10 to 15% of women have never cheap escorts in London orgasm (solo sex or masturbation), and the same is able to achieve orgasm only through samozaspokojenie. We know, we know now what you thought: I have bad luck, poor things, my partner always come and be happy! Let you be, well-being is the foundation, but the duty investigator tells recalled that in anonymous surveys 92% of cheap London escort women admitted to faking an orgasm at least once in their lives. Why do they do? Admit a number of reasons: for example, do not want to abuse the our, the male ego. He doubles and triples, you can see that the old, and here orgasm No mentioning słychu - what make him upset, since just a few times deeper and louder sigh to feel a real man? Also, old wives evenings, stories of friends and feminine Newspapers have a stake - all others are cosmic orgasms, then I will not be worse! Anyway, it was even quite nicely ... psychologists and sexologists dorzucają my two cents: They go because most guys have no idea how the cheap escorts in London female orgasm.

Cheap London escort - What do they feel during an orgasm?

Tracey Cox, author of the global bestseller "Hot Sex, that is, sex without taboos", based on interviews with other women and their own, without a doubt, the experience describes these feelings: "If he penetrates me hard and deep, painful feelings first pass in the warm , pleasant waves that I feel deep inside. They come too cramps, but less intense than during cheap London escort clitoris orgasm that is more euphoric, something like a volcanic eruption, a sudden explosion.

Cheap escorts London

Cheap escorts London - orgasm:

At the outset, I react very strongly to each caress, then experience grow even more, like the rest of my body ceased to exist and valued only a small area between the thighs. I have a feeling the heat, as if I was on fire; when he climaxes, my vagina starts to tighten up and flash, even if you do not scream, you breathe faster and louder. I experience incredible moments of pleasure. After orgasm, I feel as if allergic to, sliding cheap escorts London partner of myself, I am completely exhausted and I need a moment to lie still. I understand why the French call la petit morte orgasm, which is the little death ".

Cheap escorts London - Different paths to the top

Our orgasm will not deal with here, because "the horse it is, everyone can see." This does not mean that the cheap escorts London male orgasms do not vary in intensity, length, duration, amount, etc. shrink. Between them - clearly think so, and he knows that anyone who had the opportunity to experience it. Rather concentrate on her sensations depending on the type of stimulation.

Cheap escorts London - Vaginal orgasm

There is nothing to invent gunpowder - the county. Not really. That's right, innervation of the vagina and the presence of two magic points A and G makes fondling fingers or penis orgasm attract as poplar in the lightning, but experiencing it but only 30% of women. This may indicate that the matter is not so simple and requires some practice. Moreover, not only from us but from the cheap escorts London partners. When he comes, accompanied by deep feelings, spreading throughout the body.

Cheap escorts London - Clitoral orgasm

For years, treated as a poor cousin vaginal, since the 60s elevated on a pedestal by the feminist movement. At the moment, every man, having a high opinion of his talents and possibilities of sexual, he can, awake at 4am, recite the sonnet about the clitoris, indicate its position with regard to latitude and longitude, and draw a map situational object. Just as well, because the cheap escorts London orgasm (causing contractions of the whole body and vagina) is somewhat easier to achieve than vaginal, and provides experience extremely intense and diverse.

Cheap escorts London - Orgasm during oral sex

All the cheap escorts London women in interviews sexologists agree that the orgasm is different from the others. Delicacy and agility language stimulating the clitoris and the frenulum in conjunction with hand caresses the vagina and massaged the G causes longer and more intense climax.

Cheap escorts London - Orgasm during masturbation

The fact that during cheap escorts London masturbation oneszybciej achieve fulfillment than us sex should not spend anyone awake at night. Firstly, it is the fastest ever (although there are women, arranging themselves a real marathon screenings self-supply) the discharge of sexual tension (in men as well); Second, know best what kind of caresses suits them, and thirdly, to focus on yourself and your own sensations speeds up access to the final. The research shows that cheap escorts London sex for two, so 50% of women focused on their own pleasure, and only 1/3 depends on the cheap escorts London partner's orgasm. Due to the diversity and lack of self-stimulation techniques, the presence of the other person feel comfortable these orgasms tend to be very strong and satisfying.

Cheap escorts London - Orgasm during anal sex

It is fun for big boys and girls, because just this sphere is the sphere of cheap escorts London sex is still shameful and extremely intimate. It also requires delicacy - too violent and painful beginnings can it be permanently discouraged. And it would be regrettable, because it is a very innervated place and, according to Tracey Cox in many women even the most sensitive erogenous zone. Experiences are completely different, and combined with caresses her clitoris during cheap escorts London oral sex make a really explosive mixture.

Cheap escorts London - Simultaneous orgasm

In terms of sexual mysticism is a tremendous experience, but it happens more often in soap operas than in his own bedroom. There is no hunting him, but the fact is that once you happen to hit it has the feeling of participating in a joint mystery of ascension. Very romantic cheap escorts London sex.

Cheap escorts London - Multiple Orgasms

For this just should hunt, though he does not mean, as some mistakenly think, experience cheap escorts London multiple orgasms in one night, but describes orgasms that followed one after the other within a few seconds. It is therefore more technique than fitness, and this is to maintain the excitement caresses a woman after orgasm and delaying the arrival of relaxation. Many women feel more petting orgasm as irritating, but not all - check it is necessary, because the game is worth the candle.

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Cheapest London escorts - 5 ways that she wanted more:

The cheapest London escorts female body is a very beautiful and complex instrument. If you want to win on the melody of bliss, you must constantly strive to sexual mastery, and when you reach it, it will always want more. See what to do to even asked you for replay.

Cheapest London escorts - Olfactory memory:

This is what cheapest London escorts women are more evolved than men - as we read in the magazine "Cognition and Emotion". Smell allows you to recall all the emotional fabric of the former situation. You can take advantage of it. If your cheapest London escorts sex became more predictable though, remember what you used scent at a time when the first weeks of bed do it follies. Linen delicate sprinkling them enough to make her subconscious recalled the relevant associations.

Cheapest London escorts - threesome with mirror:

You may ask how it was - why not. But not more than once. Otherwise, do yourself feeling insecure guy. You have a large mirror? For sure. When you see your cheapest London escorts lady standing before the mirror, come up behind her and start to slowly undress her so that she could watch your reflection. Research at McGill University have shown that women respond to similar graphic sexual as men. You excited to watch cheapest London escorts women undressing? It also. Mirror shall have an additional element. Reflected subconsciously perceive as the presence of a third party. It turns - cheapest London escorts.

Cheapest escorts London - Remember the rule 9-1:

Many men believe that the deeper the thrust, the better. Forget what you have seen in the movies porn - it's really not the point. Very deep thrusts may be for most cheapest escorts London women, even painful. The most sensitive places in the vagina are at the very beginning - just a few inches from the entrance. Take care of them first and foremost. Sex teachers advise following the rhythm of thrusts - nine shallow and one deep.

Cheapest escorts London - Do not be boring:

Professor sexologist. Juliet Richters says that more than half of cheapest escorts London women surveyed by it complains about oral sex and manual stimulation in the performance of their cheapest escorts London partners - it takes too long and is too slow rhythm. Try to enter the caressing her vagina fingers - index and middle - while stimulating her clitoris with your thumb and alternate language. But do not focus only on this passage. Also remember to highly innervated areas around the clitoris - cheapest escorts London.

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Cheapest escort London

Cheapest escort London - Focus:

This is unlikely to happen as men, but cheapest escort London women can "fall out of the course" even just before cheapest escort London orgasm. All goes well until suddenly her excitement subsides. Most studies suggest that the reason there is a sudden change in bowel or position. Therefore, if you see that your partner breath accelerates, you hear her sighs, absolutely not change the tempo or the new position and sequences. Will be furious.

Cheapest escort London - How to get the perfect woman?

A good first impression is not everything. To get the perfect cheapest escort London woman, you need to have a perfect plan. Take the example of politicians during the election campaign and take care of the details. See how to facilitate the selection of a suitable candidate.

Cheapest London escort - Impress (first):

Most effective politicians make the voter at the first meeting feels the most important in the world. Master the natural reaction to devour her gaze. Instead, think about something that you added confidence, for example. Remember the hottest chick that "pic up". If the eyes are still escapes you in the direction of her bust, look down - it makes you look like a listened (cheapest London escort).

Cheapest London escort - How to say hello:

When you meet a cheapest London escort woman, always kiss her on the cheek. Politicians love this trick, because it shows their emotional intelligence. Greet her, keeping a distance meter. Then come on over, touch her right hand and kiss on the right cheek. Minimize body contact indicates respect, but the kiss suggests a genuine interest - cheapest London escort.

Cheapest London escort - Blurring shameful traces:

Politicians are well aware that some of the pictures or messages should not see the light of day. Think prospectively. The picture that the spur of the moment seems to funny, may look stupid you, picked up by a cheapest London escort girl on your Facebook. The same applies to SMS and e-mails. If you pass the generally accepted sense of normalcy - delete them.

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