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Escorts Harrow

Escorts Harrow

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We met at boarding school. He had long black hair, brown eyes and was dressed in black. He was a boy who often causing problems at school. I was one of those polite and arranged, she wanted me to point out that "belonged". I passed next to him at the school canteen and told him that I like the music he listens to. He offered me to sit next to him, so I agreed and so began our conversation. After a brief conversation, he asked me a question that has long waited: "Do you want to come to my Escorts Harrow dorm tonight to fuck with me?" "Of course." I replied nonchalantly. I was really excited because my pussy for a long time waiting for it.We exchanged numbers and each went their own way. In the evening I stole out of my dorm and walked to the building, which was Paul. I called him and he after a while I went out and went to his room. He had a roommate so as long as we behaved quietly was all right. Paul grabbed me, pulled her to him and began kissing vigorously. He shoved his tongue into my mouth and I did the same thing. He pulled away for a moment from him and asked: "are you a virgin?" "Yes, and you're a virgin?" I nodded, confirming that yes. "Well, so it will be the first time for both of us." He smiled and began to slide down my pants, and I pull off his shirt. My jeans slid to his ankles and his shirt was lying on the ground.I pulled my T-shirt, then took up a collection of clothes from Paul. First unbuttoned, bar, drew the fly and quickly broke up with his jeans. I smiled and again our tongues met. I unbuttoned my bra allowing him to caressing my nipple. Paul slid down boxers and I saw the his big, hard and throbbing penis. "Do something about it, I can not stand it." He said. I grabbed his dick in her hands and knelt down. I opened my mouth and shoved his long dick so deep until he was in my esophagus. I was very excited to hear him whine. After a while I felt his erection growing and increasingly vigorous thrusts directed in my mouth.It took maybe 5 minutes away from how Paul first put his dick in my mouth when I felt the sperm gushing straight into my throat. He choked a little, but even so, I was fucking good. It was the best experience of my life. Paul did not need or pause, but immediately went to work. He started kissing my neck nibbling and sucking it lightly. I could feel his tongue moving down towards my chest. When fondled my breasts and erect nipples sucked, I felt from Escorts Harrow I was beginning to drain away and just go mad with delight. Again I grabbed his cock and slipped it in his mouth. At that time he put his hand in my pants and grabbed my ass. It was a great feeling.After a while he began to move my underwear along the legs until she found on the ground carcasses at my stupas. My pussy began to do very wet when Paul gently drove around the end of your penis. In the end, he picked me up and threw it on the bed. I raised my legs and I put my ankles on his shoulders. She opened her legs wide to make room for him to put his dick in my demanding longer fucking vagina. Paul began to push him gently in my pussy, making me with this much pain. She dug her nails into his arms, trying not to scream at the same time. It was barely 1/4 of the way he had yet to cross to entirely hide in my pussy, and the pain was already very intense. As introduced him deeper pain replaced the pleasure. "Hard, fast and hard."

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