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Girls in Dubai can wear a lot of different clothes, but it's important to remember that the city has a modest dress code that comes from Islamic customs and cultural norms. Dubai is a worldly city that values variety. Compared to other Middle Eastern countries, it is more open-minded, but it is still important to honour local traditions and customs.

Dubai women can choose from a wide range of clothing types, from traditional to modern. The abaya and hijab are traditional clothes that Emirati women often wear. They are black robes that fit loosely over their normal clothes. The abaya is a long, cloak-like clothing that goes over the whole body. The hijab, on the other hand, is a headscarf that goes over the hair and neck.
But the dress code is less strict for women who are not Muslim or who live in Dubai as tourists. Women can be seen wearing dresses, skirts, pants, tops and t-shirts that look like they belong in the West. It is important to wear clothes that are appropriate and don't show too much skin. Dubai is a modern city, but it's still best to avoid wearing clothes that are too tight or too showing, as it might be seen as rude.
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Women may have to cover their shoulders, arms, and legs in some places, like government buildings or holy sites. Always bring a blanket or light cardigan with you in case you need to cover up. At private beaches and hotel pools, swimwear is fine, but when you're in public places, you should dress more modestly.
Dubai is known for its lively nightlife and entertainment scene. For evening events, women can dress more formally. Many bars and parties have dress codes, so it's smart to find out what they are before you go. In some places, women may have to wear shoes with closed toes and not too relaxed clothes.
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It's important to note that Dubai has a strict rule against showing love in public, no matter what you're wearing. People think it's rude to hold hands or kiss in public, and it can get you in trouble with the law. So, it's important to be aware of national norms and treat others with respect in public places.
When it comes to fashion, girls in Dubai are free to wear anything from traditional to modern styles. Even though the city is more open-minded than some Middle Eastern countries, it is still important to follow the local traditions and customs by dressing modestly and not wearing clothes that show too much skin. As long as women follow these rules, they can enjoy their time in Dubai and enjoy the city's diverse and worldly vibe.
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